Hidden beneath the ground, a landmine is a passive explosive device usually triggered by pressure and used to deny access to military positions or strategic resources. After wars, landmines remain hidden within communities, indiscriminately killing and maiming innocent civilians. Landmines impose especially high economic costs on developing countries by increasing the number of disabled victims requiring medical care and government welfare, as well as rendering vast tracts of farmland unusable. They also freeze societies: how would your town react if mines existed in places where people carried out everyday activities?


Affect over 70 countries, and in 2008 over 500,000 were removed (Landmine Monitor 09)


During 2008 alone, responsible for over 5000 casualties (Landmine Monitor 09)


Vietnam has an estimated 100,000 blast survivors (Landmine Monitor 08)


Nearly 13% of Cambodia's land mass may contain threats (Landmine Monitor 09)

image courtesy ICBL.org

Landmine amputee